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Greetings, Everyone! As a professional, my passions focus on innovating content, creating dynamic relationships, securing strategic partnerships, and creative execution/expansion of brands with powerful missions/visions. In my personal life, my passions call me towards world exploration through adventure and gastronomy, fitness of the body and the mind, cerebral stimulation through the arts, and the excitement of the unexpected through human interaction. Thanks for stopping by - I invite you to browse a sampling of my work below.

The Three Types of People You Should Never Lose Sight Of

Identifying the support systems in your life that expand your soul (This article originally appeared in Thrive Global on December 18, 2017) As we navigate this wily world, it is not uncommon for us to default to tunnel vision and relegate ourselves to working feverishly in a silo of our own visions and desires, while unintentionally disconnecting from society and reality in a desperation to achieve. During this process, we may experience distance within our current relationships, and even from our true selves. These are the particular times we need to remember that

Four Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness Daily

Incorporating behaviors to help ground you, free you and revitalize you (This article originally appeared in Thrive Global on January 10, 2018) Let me be clear: It is not my intent to present myself as a “teacher” or “mentor” in this sector, nor is it my wish to pose as a thought leader in the realm of conversations covering gratitude and mindfulness. However, it is absolutely my intent to share with you what I have personally gained and experienced in recent years, journeying towards achievement of inner tranquility and emotional enlightenment all while balancing

How I Discovered Ingestible Rose Products

It was an exciting time for me. Throughout the span of 15 months, I journeyed throughout Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean, catering to all the whimsies of a carefree and self-indulgent mind. I focused on nothing other than laying my eyes on the wonders of the world and over-saturating my tastebuds with as many local delicacies as my appetite allowed. It was spectacular. Amidst the savory, the sour, the shocking, and the sweet, I found one common theme among delicacies throughout these vastly

Article: Sustainable Living in the City: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Community and Lifestyle

While many New York City multifamily properties seek to adopt sustainable living practices and create eco-friendly communities, not everyone possesses the knowledge of where to begin such an endeavor. Here are some effective and easy tips to help you be proactive and successful in achieving your “green goals.” Read on for a list of programs and services that can be implemented at your property at little to no cost! While many New York City multifamily properties seek to adopt sustaina

Article: Rev Up Your Rooftop

Your rooftop is an opportunity to bring neighbors together, enhance the visual appeal of your property, and – if activated correctly – a potential revenue source that can bring added income to your association. “Urbanites are sophisticated enough to keep their eyes on the rooftop when choosing a place to live,” said Marc Kotler, Senior Vice President of FirstService Residential New York, and a specialist in developer consulting and the management of new construction developments. “A management

Article: Lifestyle Tips For Your New York City Dog

Abundant in parks and public spaces, grandiose and humble, New York City offers plenty of venues for recreation and celebration – both indoors and outdoors. With so many people, vehicles and events creating a constant buzz of action, you’ll need to take special precautions to keep your furry adventure buddy safe, happy and calm. While filled with merriment all year round, New York City flourishes during warmer months. If you are a pet owner who enjoys having your dog accompany you to the numero

Article: Service Animals in Your Community: 5 Things You Need to Know

For individuals with disabilities, having the assistance and companionship of a service dog can help them achieve a greater quality of life and assist in performing daily tasks. What happens if conflicts arise due to your New York City condominium’s or cooperative’s policies and your need for a service animal? If a service animal is employed as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), your condo or co-op cannot prohibit it. Aside from compliance with ADA regulations and access to

Destination Backcountry Adventures Curates Gut-Busting Season

“Check out the old, fallen cars down below!” exclaims Dave Dicerbo, Founder of Destination Backcountry Adventures (a Brooklyn-based wilderness adventure travel company), as the van climbed the narrow, cliff side roads from the Town of Saugerties to the trail-heads tucked inside the mysterious corners of the Catskill Mountains. With bated breath, the van full of day-adventurers watched wide-eyed as the vehicle entered lands deemed haunted decades ago by those indigenous to these wild parts.

Press Release: FS Energy Named Finalist in RISE : NYC Competition

FS Energy, the energy management and advisory subsidiary of leading property management firm FirstService Residential, has been named a finalist in the RISE : NYC competition which recognizes innovative projects and technologies that will bolster the city’s buildings and infrastructure against future storms. FS Energy, which provides exclusive energy evaluations and efficiency improvement solutions to multi-family buildings within the FirstService Residential management portfolio, is a lead appl

Press Release: FirstService Residential Sustainability Symposium Provides Roadmap to Energy Efficiency Upgrades for

Topics included financial incentives and rebates available to buildings for efficiency upgrades and project financing options. In addition, attendees learned how complying with Local Law 87 – which mandates that buildings over 50,000 square feet undergo periodic energy audit and retro-commissioning measures every 10 years – can assist them in planning efficiency improvements. Incentives and rebates are currently available for projects ranging from LED light fixtures, high efficiency boilers, and

New Year, New Space, New You

Remove The Old to Welcome the New: donating or recycling with a purpose As the adage goes, “The old has gone; the new has come.” Remember this as you assess your home in the new year and take note of items that no longer serve you, or items that possess a stagnant energy. The energy of stale items throughout your home may very well be preventing you from seeing new opportunities or experiencing your world in the best possible way. It has been said that energies manifest themselves within surrou

Brag-Worthy Game Day Delights

Ok, let’s talk about this. Who doesn’t like grilled cheese? Honestly, who? And grilled cheese with tomato soup? Not even a question. Dumplings? Dumplings are definitely up there on the top 20 international favorite foods. Now what if we told you we’ll help you boost your popularity points by helping you serve up some GRILLED CHEESE TOMATO SOUP DUMPLINGS. That’s right, you heard it. All you’ll need are five ingredients: tomato soup, cheese singles, milk, sandwich bread and vegetable oil, plus som

Whether Dust and Debris, Or the Lost and Alone, All Are Former Parts Meant to Form a New Whole

In each instance in my life where I’ve identified true, sincere, and most memorable interactions, there has always been a pattern - a pattern of words. Upon hearing these words, an immediate understanding follows; a recognition on both parts, an acceptance, and a surrender of sorts, where both parties involved silently agree to see each other as they are and accept one another as they’ve come.

Culture Reporting: How Many Ways Can You Feng Shui - The Queens Chronicle

“Have the foot of your bed facing out towards your doorway. Rest your head near windows. This creates an abundance of air and fluid circulation within your personal space and your own body,” advised Nelson Tsou. Educated in Taiwan and the U.S., Tsou is an architectural contractor who works in Queens, Long Island and Manhattan. He is also schooled in the art of Feng Shui, one of the latest trends used in design.
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About Me

A respected, top performing professional with a combined 17 years spanning Education, Real Estate/Lifestyle Management, Telecoms, Prop-tech, SaaS Utilities, Broadband, Non-Profit, and more, I've consistently sought professional/personal growth, contributing my strengths and skills in Communications, Content Marketing, Sales, and Culture & Development roles.

From Philadelphia to Cherry Hill, Long Island, New York City and beyond, teams I’ve worked in, or led, have focused on partnership growth, new business development, consultative sales, community outreach, industry education, and pioneering new products to market.

Applying disciplines from a background in competitive athletics, I've found success as an empathic leader and coach. Insatiably curious and an enthusiastic relationship builder, I bring my authenticity, determination, discernment, organizational skills and strategic visions to any organization I am a part of. I’m most energized by opportunities to drive positive change in the world with a high-impact organization.

Also a community leader, freelance writer, Reiki practitioner, and avid adventurer, I enjoy explorative, fast-paced environments. With firm values in teamwork and fondness for human interaction, I'm drawn towards positions demanding creativity and visionary prowess.