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Greetings everyone! As a professional, my passions focus on securing strategic partnerships, creating dynamic relationships, innovating content, and creative execution/expansion of brands with powerful missions/visions. In my personal life, my passions call me towards world exploration through travel and gastronomy, fitness of the body and the mind, cerebral stimulation through the arts, and the excitement of the unexpected through human interaction. Thanks for stopping by - I invite you to browse a sampling of my work below.

The Three Types of People You Should Never Lose Sight Of

Identifying the support systems in your life that expand your soul As we navigate this wily world, it is not uncommon for us to default to tunnel vision and relegate ourselves to working feverishly in a silo of our own visions and desires, while unintentionally disconnecting from society and reality in a desperation to achieve. During this process, we may experience distance within our current relationships, and even from our true selves. These are the particular times we need to remember that

Four Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness Daily

Incorporating behaviors to help ground you, free you and revitalize you Let me be clear: It is not my intent to present myself as a “teacher” or “mentor” in this sector, nor is it my wish to pose as a thought leader in the realm of conversations covering gratitude and mindfulness. However, it is absolutely my intent to share with you what I have personally gained and experienced in recent years, journeying towards achievement of inner tranquility and emotional enlightenment all while balancing

Destination Backcountry Adventures Curates Gut-Busting Season

“Check out the old, fallen cars down below!” exclaims Dave Dicerbo, Founder of Destination Backcountry Adventures (a Brooklyn-based wilderness adventure travel company), as the van climbed the narrow, cliff side roads from the Town of Saugerties to the trail-heads tucked inside the mysterious corners of the Catskill Mountains. With bated breath, the van full of day-adventurers watched wide-eyed as the vehicle entered lands deemed haunted decades ago by those indigenous to these wild parts.

Brag-Worthy Game Day Delights

Ok, let’s talk about this. Who doesn’t like grilled cheese? Honestly, who? And grilled cheese with tomato soup? Not even a question. Dumplings? Dumplings are definitely up there on the top 20 international favorite foods. Now what if we told you we’ll help you boost your popularity points by helping you serve up some GRILLED CHEESE TOMATO SOUP DUMPLINGS. That’s right, you heard it. All you’ll need are five ingredients: tomato soup, cheese singles, milk, sandwich bread and vegetable oil, plus som

New Year, New Space, New You

Remove The Old to Welcome the New: donating or recycling with a purpose As the adage goes, “The old has gone; the new has come.” Remember this as you assess your home in the new year and take note of items that no longer serve you, or items that possess a stagnant energy. The energy of stale items throughout your home may very well be preventing you from seeing new opportunities or experiencing your world in the best possible way. It has been said that energies manifest themselves within surrou

Article: Lifestyle Tips For Your New York City Dog

Abundant in parks and public spaces, grandiose and humble, New York City offers plenty of venues for recreation and celebration – both indoors and outdoors. With so many people, vehicles and events creating a constant buzz of action, you’ll need to take special precautions to keep your furry adventure buddy safe, happy and calm. While filled with merriment all year round, New York City flourishes during warmer months. If you are a pet owner who enjoys having your dog accompany you to the numero

Article: Dog Training Tips to Create a Happy Community

The good news is, the only difference between a good dog and a not-so-good dog is the amount of training your pet receives. In New York City, any property management company will tell you that the some of the most common resident complaints concern pets and their behaviors. As a devoted dog owner, it’s up to you to earn a good reputation for yourself and for your dog. Here are some effective dog training tips to help make you and your dog a good community citizen and minimize complaints from ne

Service Animals in Your Community: 5 Things You Need to Know

For individuals with disabilities, having the assistance and companionship of a service dog can help them achieve a greater quality of life and assist in performing daily tasks. What happens if conflicts arise due to your New York City condominium’s or cooperative’s policies and your need for a service animal? If a service animal is employed as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), your condo or co-op cannot prohibit it. Aside from compliance with ADA regulations and access to

Lifestyle Column: Third Decade’s The Charm - The Inclusive

Every time I cross over the Ben Franklin Bridge via Bolt Bus or Megabus, I continue to feel a churning inside even though years have passed. It feels like a mixture of nausea, grief, apprehension, and sadness for memories of good times that have rusted over. Sentimental as I am, I could cry over the high times and laughs that seem lifetimes away from now. As always, I look out the window and with each visit I marvel over how much the skyline has grown. In spite of myself, when we pull into the c

Lifestyle Column: Beef Noodle Soup - To Stay - The Inclusive

I chose a pair of thin rimmed tortoise shell glasses for the day. With a long afternoon of meetings scheduled on this frigid winter day, I opted for comfort and a studious look instead of my moisture-draining contacts. The wind burn was difficult enough to deal with during my commutes, trotting through the city trying to avoid windblown hair and searching for a travel size Static Guard (for hosiery underneath silk dresses, of course). I decided a hefty lunch was in order, and a soulful one at t

Lifestyle Column: When You Wish Upon A Star

We were seated by our wonderfully tall, dark, and chivalrous maître d' and the night already smelled of elegance with a splash of mischief. Sitting at Co Co. Sala chocolate lounge and boutique on F Street in Washington D.C, myself and my fellow damsels donned in black were more than excited to celebrate the bride’s bachelorette party in this sweet and cultural city. As the fragrance of cocoa beans enveloped us, this chocolate boutique seemed all the more romantic and enigmatic with a menu full o

Press Release: FirstService Residential Sustainability Symposium Provides Roadmap to Energy Efficiency Upgrades for

Topics included financial incentives and rebates available to buildings for efficiency upgrades and project financing options. In addition, attendees learned how complying with Local Law 87 – which mandates that buildings over 50,000 square feet undergo periodic energy audit and retro-commissioning measures every 10 years – can assist them in planning efficiency improvements. Incentives and rebates are currently available for projects ranging from LED light fixtures, high efficiency boilers, and

Culture Reporting: An artistic exploration of space at Repetti Gallery - The Queens Chronicle

Responsible for all the pieces at the exhibition, Philadelphia-based arts collective Vox Populi focuses on new works that encompass both the monumental and the ephemeral — from portals to alternate universes to subtle scents. Vox Populi executive director Andrew Suggs gives us “Incantations,” a video installation of silent images that transport audiences through space and time. Inspired by music icons and snapshots of enraptured concert crowds, Suggs leaves much to the viewer’s imagination by m

Culture Reporting: How Many Ways Can You Feng Shui - The Queens Chronicle

“Have the foot of your bed facing out towards your doorway. Rest your head near windows. This creates an abundance of air and fluid circulation within your personal space and your own body,” advised Nelson Tsou. Educated in Taiwan and the U.S., Tsou is an architectural contractor who works in Queens, Long Island and Manhattan. He is also schooled in the art of Feng Shui, one of the latest trends used in design.
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About Me

Energized by developing revolutionary ideas and pushing boundaries to achieve excellence, I excel in explorative and fast-paced environments, and am pro-active and detail oriented. With a creative academic background in literature and the performing arts, my discipline, strengths in written and verbal communication, and keen ability to provide alternative solutions have contributed to my success in recent years within the real estate, marketing and tech spaces.

Professionally, my passions focus on partnership growth, nurturing long-term, impactful relationships from the ground up, ideation and strategic execution of a brand, as well as content creation. I am eager to contribute my discerning tastes, creative strengths and managerial discipline in these areas to develop and promote a company's mission while driving visibility. My interest in increasing impact and exposure through strategic partnerships with key stakeholders is ignited by connecting communities, evoking emotions and the allure of powerful story telling.

I depend on my emotional intelligence, enthusiasm for human interaction, and cultivated decision-making to leverage innovation as well as strong client relationships and continuous product development. In addition to positions such as Marketing Manager, Portfolio Manager and Business Development Account Executive, I have flexed my creative muscles as a health and wellness writer for Thrive Global, a culture and lifestyle columnist for The Inclusive, and an ethnic restaurants review for Examiner. Other creative contributions of mine include arts and culture reporting for local publications such as The Queens Chronicle, and creative prose in GRASP Journal and Maya Literary Magazine, all of which you’ll find in my portfolio here:

With firm values of teamwork instilled, a positive personality and strong entrepreneurial spirit, I am especially drawn towards positions demanding creativity and visionary prowess.

Please click on "CV" to browse my resume of professional achievements, or click on the icon above to visit my LinkedIn page!